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Pixelweb began in April 2009 by three people who left their jobs in the web industry, disillusioned with the poor service and ROI SME's were getting. We believed we could do better so Pixelweb was born.

The Pixelweb Process

Requirements Specification

This is an in-depth report completed in consultation by both parties. It will ascertain a complete sitemap of the website, the functionality required and the structure. Once the document has been agreed by both parties, it becomes the basis of the deliverables by the project provider.

If after this document is completed, additional functionality is required, we simply amend the document as discussed, and it is signed by both parties.

Concept Designs

The build stage involves taking the photoshop mock ups and coding them into Html,Css and JavaScipt. These are then taken and turned into templates, which are then integrated into the software platform. Navigation (taken from the sitemap) and functionality that has been agreed will also be included in this phase of development

During this phase of development, we assist the client in preparing the content to be used on the website.

Content Integration

Once the framework of the website has been built, we will then add the content that has been provided in consultation with the client. In addition, module blocks, adverts and additional content information will also be added as per the sitemap. As the website is built on a Content management system this could be done by the client and the project cost would reflect this.

However certain pages that have been identified as complex can be completed by us.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Once the website has been built and content has been added, we will proceed to test and make sure the website is fully functioning prior to the website going live. This includes such things as spell checking, cross browser usability and ensuring all links work.

Once any issues have been corrected and agreed by the client, the website will be signed off and ready for the 'Go Live' procedure.

Go Live Procedure

The 'Go Live' procedure involves uploading the website to the live server, adding meta data and general search engine optimisation that has been agreed. please refer to section 'Google Friendly' for more details on what is included.

We register the website with google and set up the google analytics statistics package.

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