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You own the website, you run your business online

Magento is the most advanced Open Source eCommerce platform currently available. Magento has been created to do one thing and that is to sell product. It has a vast array of selling tools ready to do just that.

  • Magento is Open Source – free to use so you still own the website 100%
  • Magento is completely Google Friendly
  • Integrates into 3rd party products including Xero and Unleashed
Magento eCommerce services

Pixelweb offers a full Magento eCommerce service to businesses

We have been using Magento eCommerce for the past three years since version 1.0, so are in a position to offer a complete Magento service to our clients. From custom responsive designs, through to set up and extending Magento to backend systems and accounting, we are fully versed in the best way to use Magento to its full potential. Using Magento optimized New Zealand based hosting, we can also provide the hosting and support of your Magento website.

  • We develop beautiful responsive designs to get you mobile optimised
  • We can set up your Magento website and configure for your business
  • We can host, and provide ongoing support for, your Magento website

Thought and planning equals success!

It can't be too difficult can it? Get a design, put it on Magento, add your products and start selling – unfortunately it doesn't work quite that way.

Selling successfully online is so much more than that; it is all about the user experience, CTA's (call to actions) flow of content, optimized checkout, keeping things simple and other such processes. These are the difference between merely having an online shop, and having a successful online business.

We at Pixelweb have the experience to make your Magento eCommerce website successful. Call us today for a quote.

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