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Pixelweb is a full service web design business. We are passionate about producing beautiful websites that achieve business results.

Great web design is about creating a visual impact to the viewer, that wow factor. For many businesses, their website is the first interface a potential customer has with them, so we want that to be a great experience.

A lot of what we are doing is psychological; we are building confidence for the user that your business is both professional and reputable; we also want to build trust. We use great visuals, but are also aware that it's the little things that count - buttons are aligned, the search bar has been styled, attention to detail. If your website looks unprofessional, lacking attention to detail, what does that say about your business?

In fact, great visuals are only part of it. Great web design comes from understanding your business, what your business needs to achieve and considering how we can present information most effectively to achieve those results.

Responsive Design

Over 90% of all designs currently built by Pixelweb are responsive; this means the design responds to the size of your screen, giving the viewer an optimized version of your website. This has become more and more important as increasing numbers of people are viewing your website on mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones or Android devices.

This in turn has an obvious benefit for your business over one that has no mobile presence. View this website on a mobile device and see what it looks like - we have taken time and effort while creating our own website, as we do on all the websites of our customers. Take a look at some other web design companies; are their own websites responsive? Or are they just talking about it?

User Interface Design

Website design is not just a about a great looking site, the most important element is the content, and how we navigate it. We make sure the content is styled in such a way that the user will read the text. We ensure text is the right size and that paragraph length is appropriate. Too much text will put the viewer off. For instance, having one column on your page actually increases the viewer's focus; additional columns have the potential to deflect their attention.

We are user interface experts – use our expertise to maximize the potential of your website.

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